Sunday 13 November 2016

Publications on Wise Decision-Making

Articles published in the Practical Philosophy "Towards Wise Decision-Making" Series
  1. Towards Wise Decision-Making (i): Decision Analysis (pdf file) Practical Philosophy (3:1 November 2000), by Tim LeBon and David Arnaud
  2. Towards Wise Decision-Making (ii): The Emotions (pdf file) Practical Philosophy (3:3 March 2000), by David Arnaud and Tim LeBon
  3. Towards Wise Decision-Making (iii): Critical and Creative Thinking (pdf file) Practical Philosophy (4:3 November 2001), by Tim LeBon and David Arnaud
  4. Towards Wise Decision-Making (iv): A Case Study (pdf file) Practical Philosophy 6.2

  1. Wise Therapy: Philosophy for Counsellors by Tim LeBon (offsite)
Other Articles
  1. Progress Towards Wise Decision-Making (pdf file)  in Philosophy of Management. 
  2. Its Good To Think by Antonia Macaro 
  3. Using a Decision-Diagram For Ethical Decision Making (pdf file) by David Arnaud Practical Philosophy (6.1, Spring 2003)

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