Thursday 14 June 2012

Wise Decision Making in a nutshell

At times, wise decision-making can be very complex - and on this site we won't shy from going into some of the difficulties - such as how to tackle decision paralysis, whether you should ignore or take notice of strong emotions and desires during decision-making and how to deal with uncertainty.
I was asked the other day to give a two sentence summary of what I'd learnt most from over a decade of helping people with decisions. I thought I would share with you my advice
Most important, ask yourself what really matters in this situation - not just what matters to you at this second , but what will matter in a years time, and what matters to people you care about? Secondly, what can you do in the next hour that will either work towards achieving what matters, or help you find out information towards doing so.
That's it.  In a nutshell

  • Think about what matters
  • Take a step towards it

Of course there will be some decisions where you will need unravel your emotional reactions first and deal with complex situations - in which case seeing a decision coach may be a good idea.  But try these two steps first and see whether it helps.

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